Google + has now passed the 350 million users mark and has therefor become the third biggest social network in the world. This is nowhere near Facebook’s 1.28 billion users but Google+ has reached a new caliber in popularity. After shy beginnings when users were avoiding the social network, Google+ is now a cornerstone in web marketing and its web presence is stronger than ever. In order to get that strong, the network has gathered Google’s best features and provided users with a simple, user friendly platform. This social network has managed to help businesses thrive by increasing their online visibility. When professionals use Google + wisely, it helps them gain popularity by allowing users to spread the word on their business.


#1 – Reach your clients directly with targeted information

Google+ is a highly intuitive and free virtual showcase for your business where it’s easy to publish ads and promote your products. With its organizational circles and communities, G+ allows you to segment your target audience and share precise information to the relevant group. It’s a great way to share interesting articles to potential clients while avoiding irrelevant posts or spam. Your goal should be to attract users and maintain their interest with the information you share and the best way to do so is to display attractive visuals, post articles targeted to each community circle and encourage your readers’ participation. The more ”+1”s are clicked on your G+ content, the better it is for your visibility.




#2 – Google+ boosts your visibility

This network’s main positive impact on a business is to raise its position in relevant search results. Most of us know how much work and referencing efforts it takes for a business to be on the first page of Google’s natural result. Choosing to join Google+ and consistently sharing sound content is a most effective, if not essential, way to improve your positioning. Google’s search engine is more likely to track, archive and show a Google+ article among it’s search result than any other post or content. Further more, Google+ makes it easy for users who have enjoyed your published information to share it with other thus nourishing your natural SEO.


#3 – The all-in-one Google tool

Google+, capitalizing on the joined strength of Google products, has managed gain a choice position among social networks’ high competitive environment. Google+ has indeed incorporated all of this Web tycoon’s tools to spread the word about your business beyond it’s social network and onto Google’s entire ecosystem: Google Map, YouTube, GMail … All these tools give you the best possibility to strengthen and fine tune your network while gaining visibility and exchange opportunities.

Here are 4 different ways that Google+ has included Google services :

  • Adword express allows you to view and launch advertising campaigns right from your Google+ account
  • Icon images allows you to include the visual aspect of your business on search engines, meaning that when users search for you business using Google images, your business images will get a good position among image search results.
  • Virtual Tour allows you to endow your business with a virtual visit option on your Google+ page, possible through Google map’s Street tool. Potential clients will get a clear impression of your premises.
  • Hangouts allows easy communication with your clients. It gives you the possibility to know and  monitor your clients’ opinions and demands and offer dynamic service: it’s a direct and interactive mean for you to meet your clients’ expectations!


google+ app

#4 – Google+ My Business : Help your clients find your business

If you own a small storefront business, this is the ideal tool to enhance your geographic indexing or create one altogether. Creating your Google+ My Business page indeed ads a visibility aspect allowing users to share their impression of your business via a 5 star rating or through written comments. When your have 5 relevant ratings, Google organically includes your business to its search engine results thus improving your visibility through for appropriate local searches.

google+ business

#5 – Analyze your G+ page efficiency

Creating targeted communities and exchanging with your clients is excellent but you need to be able do analyze the efficiency of it all. Real-Time Insights Finder is a Google tool that helps you evaluate your online activity for free. You’ll be able to measure the view and click rate as well as keep track of your actions efficiency.

google+ insights


Rivalry among social networks is fierce, knowing which one of them to invest information and optimization on is not an obvious decision. Knowing if you are appropriately feeding and optimizing your business profile is even hazier. That’s why Google+ seems like the best bet for small businesses and local stores as it is a simple, user friendly social network that allows you to advertise in the same way that big businesses do at much lower cost: through marketing, customer relationships, communication, segmentation, analysis … Also, there is good search results efficiency in this social network as it is tightly linked with the powerful search engine that is Google.

A Google+ strategy means a stronger web presence for your business.


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