The old saying is true – A rolling stone gathers no moss – and that is especially true for your website!

When it comes to improving your SEO (getting as close as possible to the top of Google’s search results), your site is more likely to be considered interesting and be in a better search result position if it’s regularly updated!

How to let Google know that your site is Alive and Kicking?

It’s simple enough. Keep it fresh and up-to-date by changing or adding content as often as possible. You should make sure that your site is always at the top of its game with attractive, powerful and modern content. Keeping up to speed with your competitors is good but being a step ahead is even better!

Google (and life in general) will favour what’s dynamic over what is stagnant


Here are 4 simple tricks to keep your website active:

1. Change or add pictures

2. Write blogs

3. Add a new page

4. Modify your site’s content


Changes can be small or even subtle. What’s important is to be constant about it.

It’s kind of like physical exercise:

  • Doing a little bit, often enough, allows you to shape up smoothly, get gradually closer to your goal and avoid drastic moves.
  • On the other hand, if you have neglected it and feel that you’re behind, you’ll be in catch up mode and may not make the best decisions.


So? Is YOUR site Alive and Kicking or does it need a boost? Let us help you bring it to good SEO shape!


Sylvie Laitre

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