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A link leading to your website is commonly called “backlinking”. It’s the equivalent of someone recommending you or pointing someone else in your direction. As it is in day-­to-­day life, the source defines the recommendation’s credibility. We will consider and create backlinks from sites that are most relevant to your industry.There is nothing more frustrating than being sent to a wrong address. We get that.

Backlinks help enhance your websites credibility. Search engines figure you must have relevant information if other websites are bothering to send people your way. Thus, the more backlinks you have, the more you’re considered popular for a given industry and so your relevance continues to increase. This makes Google and other search engines consider you a good search result when consumers are typing in your industry’s key words.

Backlinking should be done strategically, patiently and with care. Volume here is not the key and quality will trump quantity. Well executed backlinking will improve your organic positioning and this is fundamental element for successful SEO

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