Online directory publishing and NAP alignment

Online directory publishing and NAP alignment - BJMédia

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve most likely published your company’s information on several online directories over time and hope you’re covered. This is a good plan but unfortunately most company’s can’t keep up with their listings and have incoherent information on the web.

Why would this matter? You must first realize that search engines are robots, not people. Automated crawlers rely on data similarity to create patterns and that’s how the search engines recognize to a strong online presence. That being said. search engines will read information and bundle things together. Problem is your company’s name and address can be written differently over time—and depending on who wrote it—and to Google or others, you’re NOT the same company. That’s where your multiple listings don’t have the wanted effect.

YB Rich INC.
450 Gold Avenue

is not the same as

Y.B. Rich incorporated
450 Gold ave.

You may have changed your phone number over time. Your name might be shortened on certain sites. Perhaps you moved. Bottom line is your listings won’t seem to belong to the same company and this diminishes your relevance online.

We offer an exclusive service that allows you to be more present on the top 15 directories in Canada, plus NAP (name, address, phone number) alignment so your online presence is strong. We also offer a reputation management component with online review monitoring.

These are simple solutions that make a big impact on your SEO.

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