40% annual increase in visits since
2018 on the website of the
Clinique Jean Gilbert


Client :
Clinique Jean Gilbert

Business activity:
Medical and aesthetic clinic




Dr. Gilbert is a perfectionist who has dedicated himself to the practice of minimally invasive procedures for over 30 years. The services offered are multiple and the technologies are constantly evolving. Therefore, offering a website that addresses different topics in depth was the perfect way to provide value to website visitors, even before they visited the clinic.

The collaboration between the Clinique Jean Gilbert and our team is not new! The complete redesign of the website was completed in 2013. In 2015, when the clinic was dissatisfied with their SEO provider, they agreed to trust us again. Our predecessor took the opportunity to sabotage some of the positioning earned by the client, but our experts quickly took over the SEO reigns and significantly exceeded that agency’s previous results. In short, Dr. Jean Gilbert has trusted us for many years now for the quality of our services, our availability and without a doubt for the results obtained.


  • Traffic

    Increasing the number of visitors on the website.

  • Conversion

    Converting more website visitors into customers.

  • Positioning

    Positioning the company within the top search results on Google.

  • Easy-to-access information

    Help potential customers find what they need fast, and provide all the necessary details for each service.

  • Inscrease salesn

    Allow customers to book appointments online when they are ready to take action.


What we faced

  • Before the website redesign, the number of registered visitors was insufficient. The number of requests for information (conversion) from the Web remained low.
  • The online competition in the medical aesthetic field is strong. Before the redesign and implementation of the SEO strategy, it was difficult to improve and maintain search engine positioning.
  • The old structure of the website made it difficult for visitors to find answers to their questions when searching for information and many pages were orphaned.
  • The services offered, the new technologies (Belkyra, TruSculpt 3D, VelaShape, etc.) and the problems treated in the clinic were not all detailed online.

Smart solutions we came up with


  • Responsive design for all types of devices
  • Creation of new pages on each of the services offered and technologies used to strengthen organic referencing and offer accurate information to customers
  • Reorganization of content to make it unique
  • We inserted call-to-action buttons that improve conversion rates
  • Added appointment request forms to make it easier to process incoming requests
  • Optimization of the tags for the SEO of the website

Local and organic
SEO Strategy

  • Technical site optimization
  • We researched keywords and optimized web content
  • Content optimization and targeting
  • We obtained backlinks

Content Marketing

  • Content strategy with blog articles
  • Content planning
  • Content writing and integration

Results that make competitors jealous

237% increase organic trafic

A 237% increase in organic traffic was recorded this year compared to the same period 3 years ago, despite the temporary closure of the clinic during the pandemic.

3 x more visitors in 3 years

In three years, the number of visitors to the website has more than tripled. Just imagine! More than 32,000 people visited the Jean Gilbert Clinic website in one year.

Over 200 online requests monthly

Every month, the clinic receives more than 200 requests for information (web form, Google My Business form, or calls) thanks to a referencing strategy that does not involve any advertising investment.

What does our client have to say?

  • I started out in the internet world, website, SEO with little or no experience. The BJMedia team was able to reassure me and answer my questions with outstanding professionalism. They always accompanied me well and brought effective suggestions while respecting my objectives and my budget. Today, thanks to all the strategies put in place, we are very well referenced in a very competitive market.Thank you to the whole team!

    Joëlle Houle Clinic Manager

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we could do
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* It’s important to note that the results mentioned in our case studies are related to organic listings. Paid advertising strategies are auction-driven and can’t be controlled in the same way. As we write these lines, Cabanon Fortin has been positioned within the top 3 search results for the West Island and surrounding areas. However, organic SEO is an-ongoing, ever-changing reality, and results could vary at any given moment.