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Security & Service - BJMédia

If you’re in business, getting your own website is a good thing. It’s both important and necessary and you’ll probably want to share it everywhere. Go for it!

You should however bear in mind that your website will need constant monitoring as it is vulnerable to hackers. Although it may seem that your website contains nothing worthy of piracy, no website is safe as hackers show no discrimination. Sadly, this part is rarely brought up by the people who build sites. We think it matters—a lot.

Service and security are key

  • Service – we actually protect and update your site AFTER delivery
  • Security ­ we’ve built forteress-­like programs that protect your investment allowing you to sleep at night
  • Between back­up servers, constant updates, surveillance, hosting, technical assistance, email creation and more, we stand by our sites making sure they work for you long-­term.

    Everyday, we block at least 20 website attacks. That means over 6000 per year. One of these could be yours. Better safe than sorry.

    Let’s take a look at your online presence!

    You want to improve your company’s online visibility but before deciding on what strategy to adopt, allow us to analyze your current situation. No hidden fees. No commitment required.

    Yes, let’s do it!