Want a great Website?
What if that same site could help increase sales and revenue?

Creating something from scratch, upgrading what you already have, adding an online store: the possibilities are endless!

If you care as much about results than you do about look and feel, you’re in the right place!

Website design

Your website’s design is at the heart of your digital marketing strategy. So much so, that if you invest in online marketing, only to bring potential customers to a badly designed site, you may as well be throwing money out the window. User experience (commonly called UX) depends on a variety of elements: clear images, easy navigation, loading speed and rich, quality content. Having a specialized and diverse web team helps you cover all these aspects, so your site performs well on all levels. That’s how BJMédia approaches your project. We build your site with a team of experts who ensure all elements are well executed.

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Website redesign or renovation

You can’t put your finger on it, but there’s something just not right about your website. Sometimes small, specific adjustments can improve the look and feel of a site that’s underperforming. Other times, it’s more efficient to go for a completely new design. Before choosing what route would be best, we’ll quickly analyze what elements of your site could or should be preserved, what could be tweaked and what elements aren’t doing you any favors. Let’s get your business aligned with mobile use, speed searching and great content!

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Consider an ecommerce platform to sell online

Whether you’ve finally decided to give your customers the option to buy online, or you’re launching a web-based business, we can help design exactly what you need. Choosing the right online store, right from the start, will help you launch your web business efficiently. Now, let’s address some of the most common questions: What products or services will you offer? How do you best showcase them? How do you manage prices and everything related to shipping? Can your products be personalized? What supplier should you work with for delivery and transactions? Sure, you can ask around. But you’ll probably get so many different answers, you’ll be back to square one, not really knowing where to begin. We’ve assisted many online entrepreneurs and can get you started, with the benefit of our experiences, to back your decisions. Come by, we’ll treat you to coffee and take time to discuss all your options. Our pros are friendly, helpful and ready to help you set your pace.

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Optimize your conversion rate

In other words, make sure your website is strategic and helps you get more customers. Your website looks great and attracts attention. Great! But does it generate revenue? Does it get you new business? Is your customer base increasing? Because in business, that’s what you ultimately want it to do. Let’s consider an example: say your site gets 1000 visits per month, but only 0,5% of those visits generate a call, an order and a sale. Imagine that sale is worth $200. You’re generating $1000/month but you could improve that. What if we told you that by analyzing customer behavior on your site, and doing a few minor adjustments, we can propose a strategic plan to increase your conversion rate to 2%? You can actually do more, with less, if the design is smart and strategic. Sound good?

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What exactly is the process at BJMédia
when it comes to designing a website:

  • BJMédia offers turnkey website design and to get started, all we need is for you to tell us about your business. Once we understand what you do, we handle the entire project: writing, translating, choosing and purchasing the right images, design, optimizing for search engines and conversions, integrating, purchasing a domain name and hosting. All this, for a website that’s delivered within 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Anxious to get your website up and running faster? Want to produce your own content? Already working with a graphic designer? Though we offer turnkey packages for many of our clients, you may already have part of the resources required and we can work with whatever you’d like to contribute. We pride ourselves on being very flexible, and adapting to each client’s situation and needs. And one more thing. We’re always upfront about what can, and cannot be accomplished with a website so we manage expectations and deliver what was agreed upon. No surprises and no disappointments.

  • In case you’re wondering, all our sites are responsive, which means they adapt to all screens; tablets, smartphones and desktops. That’s pretty much a given nowadays but we want to make sure you know how important it can be. Depending on your industry, most of your potential customers might be looking at your site through their phone, which means we have to make your site load quickly, while also being attractive and super simple to navigate!

  • BJMédia creates websites with WordPress, which is the world’s most commonly used CMS (content management system). Why does this matter? Because it means that thousands of contributors worldwide bring their knowledge and experience to the platform’s designs and plug-ins. It also means being search engine optimized, and it’s incredibly easy to add-on all sorts of interesting functionalities. Last but not least, you’ll be able to edit your own site through a user-friendly visual editor that can be easily navigated by anyone managing your content.

What our clients say about our website design approach

  • BJMédia surpassed my expectations. First, they designed and built a website that was tailor-made for our very specific needs. We really wanted to entice visitors. Then we moved on to SEO, and although it was a bit unclear to us at first, when it started to kick into action, we were impressed. After 2 months (which in SEO terms is quite fast, we now know) our site appeared on Google’s first page results for ‘villa turks and caicos’ which is exactly what we wanted. Almost magically, this meant getting thousands of visitors and a great ROI. Thanks to the whole team and you’re invited to our next pool party, in TCI!

    Simon Hénault
    Simon Hénault owner White Villas

So when do we start?

Renovating your Website: positive winds of change

We’ve been in the visibility business for over 25 years. Throughout this time, we’ve helped hundreds of companies take their initial online steps, by designing a first website they could promote on their business cards and commercial vehicles. By now, most companies have a website, but many need refreshing to convert their site into a powerful sales tool. This is what we do.

Why renovate your Website?

Although there are plenty of reasons, here’s what we most frequently encounter:

  • Your site looks outdated : Thankfully, website trends don’t change, as fast as fashion. This being said, functionalities and visual styles are constantly evolving, and a site left untouched for more than 3 years, will start to look neglected. This can impact your company’s image.

  • Your site doesn’t perform well : Although Websites used to serve as virtual business cards, they’ve evolved into powerful marketing and sales tools. You need a site that draws visitors and converts shoppers into customers. Investing in a smart site can greatly influence your revenue.

  • You have no control over your website : We build our websites with WordPress, we give you access and you can modify or host your site wherever you see fit. Although ‘kidnapped’ sites have diminished, some agencies still make it very difficult to access your content and maintain control of your site, making you dependent on their services.

  • Your services and needs have evolved, just like those of your own customers: When you originally had your site designed, perhaps having a blog, offering gift certificates or adding an ecommerce platform were all ‘nice-to-haves’ you didn’t consider crucial to your business’s success. They may now be vital to your growth.

  • Things are happening next door : It’s always good to know what’s going on with your competitors. Standing out starts with analyzing what’s happening around you, figuring out what makes you different and using this to your advantage. Is your website up to par with others in your industry?

Is a website renovation always the best option?

No. There are cases where we can fulfill your business goals by making certain adjustments to your website. Often though, technical limitations and the time required to update everything you would need, just doesn’t make business sense. You should consider a complete site change. With an upgraded site, we can usually salvage parts of the existing copy and images to save time and money. We rarely see a site where nothing is useful. For example, the page you’re on right now was one of the most viewed on our previous website. Because of this, we preserved its essence, to maintain our web positioning, but most importantly to ensure that our customers would continue to find everything they needed in terms of information. We used our previous content as leverage, then enriched our page with additional facts that answer our frequently asked questions! The point is to build on what works.

Wondering if your site needs a complete upgrade?

Need advice on designing or renovating your website?
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