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Digital solutions that adapt to your reality

For the last 25 years, BJMédia has been determined to show small and medium-sized businesses everywhere that you can prosper, thanks to the Internet. Things have greatly evolved since our first services came out, and we’ve always stayed a step ahead in terms of finding new ways to use the Web to service businesses everywhere. We pay attention. We listen to your needs, and we develop services that deliver tangible results.

Here are some of the services offered by BJMédia:

Whether you’re an entrepreneur that’s just starting out, or someone who wants to scale to new heights, knowing where, what and how to invest in Web strategies can be confusing. There’s a lot out there and it’s normal to not know what to choose. Staying on top of trends and new technologies takes time, effort and passion. We have that drive and we’ve made it our mission to find, test and develop online tools that help your business grow. In fact, we believe that all businesses can prosper by using the Web.

The values that dictate our actions

  • Integrity

    BJMédia doesn’t operate with false promises, half-truths and secrets. We expect our team and partners to act with the best intentions, and to always align words and actions. We walk our talk.

  • Flexibility

    We work in a field where things constantly change at the speed of light, and we’re often faced with unexpected, ambiguous situations that require immediate adaptability. But to us, flexibility also means adjusting the work we do for our clients and keeping in mind that we want to help them reach their goals, above all else. Flexibility also means giving our team the freedom to adjust working hours and location, plus the encouragement to think outside the box, express their ideas and find personalized solutions that will serve the specific needs of our clients.

  • Respect

    Respect is non-negotiable to us. We treat every client and team member with consideration, kindness and humility, and we expect the same on our behalf.

  • Initiative

    The BJMédia team is experienced and every one of our members can fully execute their tasks (and much more!) with total independence. Our clients and partners enjoy working with proactive, solutions-oriented professionals that are committed to producing tangible results, and so are we!

  • Team work

    We’re a small, tightly knit group that has long understood the importance of team work to achieve our goals. And this sense of collaboration extends to our clients and partnerships. Taking charge of your web marketing strategies, doesn’t mean excluding you from the process. We take the time to explain, to understand your goals and to share every success with you!

Here are the steps we take to create your website

Meet with a consultant

When you contact BJMédia to create your website, the first thing we’ll provide is answers. All the answers you need to make an informed decision. A digital marketing specialist will tell you all about our different options, the cost, production timeframes, financing options, what we’ll need from you, as well as what we will provide on our end. We can discuss this over the phone, we can send a detailed email, we can schedule screen-sharing, or we can meet in person. Whatever makes you most comfortable. Our expert will then send you a detailed quote and remain available for any and all questions you may have.

Choose BJMédia

Great decision! Once you’ve decided to move forward, a project manager will be assigned to the creation of your website. This person is like the conductor of an orchestra. They manage tasks, supervise work and coordinate everything to deliver a unique project. Your project manager has in-depth understanding of web marketing, serves as your point of contact, and makes sure we deliver a website that matches your expectations. Early on, this manager will contact you to reconfirm your business goals and the desired structure for your site. They’ll ask you to provide your logo, photos and all marketing collateral you already have, if relevant. We ask to see all of this in order to make sure your website perfectly matches your business identity. If you don’t have a logo, pictures or anything of the sort, our creative team will happily work on something for you. They love a challenge!

Our team at work

During this part of the process, our team will be hard at work, and we’ll ask you to patiently wait. Our project manager will ensure our copywriter is properly briefed (depending on the need, we may schedule a short phone interview with you), then we’ll show you a few website examples in order to gage your preferences, and see what type of design would properly align with your goals and expectations. 
Once we’ve agreed on a look and feel, we’ll work on copywriting and select images to showcase your products and services. When the content is written, we’ll send it to you for approval, before integrating everything into the website platform. Once approved, we’ll integrate the first 2 pages of your site, send them over to double check that we are all aligned with the project, and then proceed to finish the site.

Admire your Website

We’ll send you a link to look at your website and give us a thumbs up before we put it online. We’re always very excited to hear from you after you’ve seen the finished product, so expect a quick follow-up phone call. Depending on the package you’ve chosen, we’ll include one to three rounds of corrections. Once the site is approved, we’ll translate everything and integrate it into other languages, if applicable. We include hosting, with platform and extension updates for one or two years (per your package). This means less hassles and the assurance that your site will be in excellent hands. If you’re a hands-on type of business, we also offer training so you can handle the changes on your own. You may also want to host your site elsewhere or take possession of your domain name at some point. This may seem mundane but for many, it can become a nightmare when the web agency won’t release control. We commit to never doing this. All you need todo is send us an email and we’ll happily proceed with the change. Even if it’s time to part ways, we’ll do so with a smile and our best wishes for continued success!😉

So when do we start?

Shared success for over 25 years

BJMédia was created in 1994. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs, some of which have been with us since the very beginning. It may sound cliché to say that your success is ours, but nothing makes us happier than helping businesses soar. We’ve done well, because you’ve done well.