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Over 20 years ago, Karim Benchekroun and Linda Jolicoeur set out to offer local businesses more visibility within the Vaudreuil­-Dorion region and surrounding areas. Persistant and convinced they could make a real difference for SMBs, the duo launched L’Annuaire Pratique, a local directory that would help citizens and businesses connect.

This directory would be successfully published for 2 decades. Wanting, above all, to help local businesses with their visibility remained the essence of Karim and Linda’s operations. When they realized a shift was coming and the Internet would take on a more important communications role, they set out to find ways smaller businesses could jump on board and get online. Consumers were changing their search habits and local company’s were feeling it. Transforming L’Annuaire Pratique into a digital version called Reseau411.ca was the necessary choice and thus, the company could offer its customers an easy, efficient way to slowly adopt the web and develop their presence. From that day on, BJMédia was born and its mission became to prove local businesses COULD successfully use the web to grow their bottom line.

BJMédia helps hundreds of local businesses optimise their ROI when it comes to web marketing. Whether you’re just starting out or you want to strengthen an already healthy online presence, we work diligently at offering you the most relevant tools, at the best rate. Knowing where to start and what to tweak is key to your business’s online success. Chances are your neighbor’s formula won’t apply to your industry and there is no cookie­-cutter solution. It’s important to trust passionate, professional people who follow trends and know-how to use the right web tools. Perhaps you want to launch your first website, maximise your Google Adwords campaign, improve your search engine positioning or even open an online store. We know how to get there in the most efficient possible way.

Being successful online is possible for anyone. Your success is your own and we’d love to contribute. Now, would you like to tell us a bit more about you?

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