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There are 3 ways to show up on Google:

  • paid ads where Google charges you for each click;
  • local search results, commonly called Google Maps,which are great if you want to increase visibility within a specific region;
  • organically, or naturally, which means Google deems your website relevant to a specific subject. This helps you to remain visible on the longer term.

Besides increasing your company’s visibility, organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to position your website within Google’s natural recommendations for specific search terms. It optimizes where your business is displayed.

SEO experts list 3 main pillars that define the success of their work:


Quality content is king!

Ever heard the expression above? Keep the word ‘quality’ in mind, here. Perhaps you’ve been on a site that read something like “We are plumbers in Montreal that offer plumbing services in Montreal”? Captivating, right? Not in the very least!🤦

Keyword stuffing, as it’s commonly called, doesn’t work! It can actually hinder your positioning. Don’t get us wrong, keywords are important, but integrating them into your content means using them sparingly, when appropriate, in a way that doesn’t affect the user experience and actually entices the reader. It’s crucial to be relevant while optimizing your content. Respond to potential customer questions, highlight why your products and services stand-out and provide information that will help consumers make sound decisions. Keywords can then be integrated naturally. And website content can come in different forms, depending on your goals: portfolios, case studies, FAQs, blog articles, product sheets, purchasing guides and more… Relevance is your only limitation!


Impeccable technique

Optimization is also about technique and the mechanics of good website design. For example, if your site is filled with great content, but takes 48 minutes to load, chances are your visitors won’t stick around to find out why you have such a great product or service. Attention spans are short.

There are many ways to help search engines detect what type of content you’ve made public, access it all quickly and make it available to the visitor. We can also help put certain pages or content forward, prioritize what is displayed and improve the overall user experience. Every detail counts and our team doesn’t cut corners.


Web notoriety

When someone asks you for a recommendation, are you likely to suggest something or someone that you know is popular and well appreciated? Google does the same, so in order to determine what ranking your site will have, it examines how often your brand is mentioned or backlinked from other pages. Basically, how popular you are. For Quebec, let’s use the Ricardo example. When someone searches for a recipe, Google often suggests the Ricardo website because thousands of Facebook pages, blog posts and websites point to that site! Just like we’re doing now. 😉 «If it’s popular online, it’s a reference» says Google’s algorithm!

Except, it’s not that simple, and you need a good backlinking strategy for this to work. The contrary will backfire and negatively impact your positioning. That’s why consulting with experts makes sense. Let us help you get this right!

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What to expect when you contact BJMédia for your
website’s SEO?


    Our diverse and specialized team can handle everything from detailed performance analysis, to outlining a smart strategy and conducting its full execution. Your website SEO will be in the hands of experienced, professional experts that can do everything mentioned below:

    • Keyword research and analysis
    • Website audit
    • SEO strategy development
    • Meta-tags
    • Website content optimization
    • Technical optimization
    • Conversion optimization
    • Local referencing (Google Maps)
    • Web listings
    • Backlinking
    • Content marketing (blog copywriting and integration)
    • Analysis and results follow-up

    In the world of SEO, nobody can guarantee precise results and if they do, you should run the other way! What we can guarantee is updated expertise, based on years of web experience. We make it our mission to keep tabs on new strategies, software and algorithm modifications. We also make sure our actions are aligned with your goals, so we’re able to recommend and provide solutions that meet your business needs…We enjoy good results, but we really love GREAT results and we’ve achieved just that, for many of our clients!


    SEO strategies are constantly evolving. Our team keeps a watchful eye on how your web positioning changes, the traffic generated to your site, and how well it’s converting. The beauty of the Web is how quickly we can tweak things when we see that we’re not achieving our goals. As a client, you should know what’s being done on your behalf, and how it’s working. Regular updates are always provided with transparency and the opportunity to discuss what they mean.

    Would you like to meet and find out exactly how we can help you?

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  • The team at BJMédia put me at ease and helped us get a new website that is well adapted for search engines and for our business. They’re also always available to supervise and follow-up on our positioning and paid ads. I’m very satisfied with what I see and would recommend their services to anyone who wants results!

    François Fortin
    François Fortin Cabanon Fortin

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