Control what’s being said online about your business

Online reputation management: Become a reference in your field

Why manage your online reputation?


Let consumers talk

Transparency is one of the best ways to gain credibility with your present and future customers. By allowing customers to publish comments, potential buyers can better understand your value proposition. Ever ask someone for advice before buying? It’s a documented fact that 88% of consumers read online reviews prior to making a purchasing decision.

Online reviews are also a great way to gain insight and identify opportunities. Your customers will tell you what you’re doing great, what could be improved and what’s missing. It’s an on-going market analysis you can put to very good use.


Build relationships and interact

You’ve got a great image and you’ve built notoriety. This is great. But don’t stop there. Your customers are online and they’re talking, whether you’re there or not. Join in on the interactions, and develop relationships with your buyers. Social media channels and Google My Business are great ways to do this. People love doing business with other people, and interacting grows trust.

By responding to comments, good or bad, you show that you listen and care about the people buying from you. And don’t worry. Responding quickly, politely and efficiently to a bad comment can be a very positive thing. It shows company involvement and the commitment to making things right.


Your reputation helps your online referencing

Consumer reviews posted on Google have more and more influence on your local SEO. They increase clicks, both on results pages and on Google Maps. Reviews are like popularity votes: the more you have, the more your chances of getting new customers. It’s inexpensive advertising or a modern version of what used to be word-of-mouth. And it can really pay off!

We have a solution that allows you to collect online reviews and comments, to polish your online reputation and show potential buyers what you have to offer.

Why is BJMédia the reference when it comes to
online reputation management?


    BJMédia was the first agency in Quebec—and the only one for quite some time—to offer a review collecting platform called G5étoiles. This solution allows you to easily collect customer reviews, provide company feedback and then publish it all on your website, Facebook page and Google. In turn, this helps with your online positioning and referencing.


    Still not quite sure how to respond to customer reviews or too busy to bother? We can do this for you. Thanks to our reviews management system, we get an email every time someone publishes a comment about your business online. Let BJMédia handle all comments immediately, and turn every review, good or bad, into a positive marketing tool for your company.

    Want to know more about this service and how it can boost your business?

Improve your customer experience with the BJMédia reviews management system

Collecting customer reviews is important. And with the G5étoiles platform, it’s simple! It helps you encourage online reviews, while monitoring your online reputation at all times.

You don’t ignore your customers when
they’re in your store.
Don’t ignore them online either.