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In 2021, whether you’re a retailer, a freelancer, a start-up, a small business or a large enterprise, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, it’s essential to have an effective internet presence to gain brand recognition, establish a reputation and build your sales. Indeed, having and investing in a digital marketing strategy is crucial these days for any type of business.

However, developing and implementing an internet marketing strategy requires numerous different skills. It isn’t enough simply to create or redesign your website or post content on social media. You must also know how to do the following:

  • Position your business high in search engine rankings
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Implement paid advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook
  • Grow your sales
  • Build customer loyalty

Many different aspects of digital marketing require experience and expertise. That’s why you should turn to reputable professionals such as those you’ll find at a web agency.

However, there are hundreds of agencies throughout Quebec, and it’s often quite difficult to determine which one’s right for you, your business and your needs.

What’s the point of a web agency?

Working with an agency is a guarantee of quality, support, advice, expertise, longevity, success and achievement of your goals, among other things. There’s a whole host of benefits for a company that does business with an agency. Here are the three main ones:

You surround yourself with professionals in every field

Collaborating with an agency enables you to benefit from the expertise of numerous professionals from a multitude of different areas, including designers, content creation and SEO professionals, programmers, communication and marketing experts, developers, analysts and much more. All of these professionals are available to address your needs, ensure the success of your project and guide you in achieving your internet marketing objectives.

You benefit from an outside perspective

By performing a personalized analysis, an agency can provide you with an objective critique of your internet-marketing project. As a result, they can help you gain new perspectives, better define your needs and goals and implement effective strategies for attracting more customers.

You save time

Working with an agency will not only enable you to save time in analyzing and implementing your web project but will also help you grow your reputation and increase your visibility quickly and effectively.

BJMédia is the web agency for you if…

Many web agencies offer similar internet marketing services, such as creating, redesigning and managing websites and social media, local and organic indexing on search engines, online reputation management, digital advertising campaigns, email marketing campaigns, etc. Choosing the agency that works best for you is, therefore, not an easy decision!

Are you still undecided? BJMédia is the agency you should work with if any of the following apply to you:

You want to collaborate with a team of experts that are dynamic and gutsy

The members of the BJMédia team, which includes a dozen specialists who perform their work (very well!) with no need of supervision, form a tight-knit group that works together in order to achieve the goals of their clients. As a result, you’ll collaborate with proactive people who can offer you solutions and commit to their implementation.

You have clearly defined goals (or you’re ready to define them with our experts)

With our agency, collaboration extends to our clients and partners, as well. If our agency takes charge of your internet marketing, you aren’t excluded from the process. On the contrary, you’re fully involved. We give you explanations and ask you questions in order to find personalized solutions to achieve your goals.

You want a website with a punch, designed in accordance with best practices

Our agency avails of a website creation process that runs smoothly and efficiently. A project manager, copywriter, graphic designer, developer, programmer and SEO specialist all intervene at given times during the creative process in order to highlight your products and services.

Check out one of our creations: the White Villas website.

You have limited time for monitoring (it’s a team effort!)

During the process of creating or redesigning a website or during any other digital marketing project, we’ll ask you to collaborate with our team in approving mock-ups, texts, photos, the final website and more. These different stages will require a little bit of your time and involvement.

You want to appear in Google search results, drive traffic to your website and convert that traffic into clients

We’re a comprehensive professional agency that honors its commitments and guarantees you results, as borne out by the testimonials of a number of our clients.

You want people who are attentive to your needs and who will track your results closely with you

In business for more than 25 years, BJMédia has made it a mission to prove to companies here and elsewhere that they can prosper through the internet. We accomplish this mission by means of our complete offering of digital marketing services and especially thanks to our expert advice, our attentiveness to the needs of our clients and our careful monitoring of their results.