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Brault Déménagement


Moving company, Brault Déménagement, has been active in the Quebec market, since 1956. A family-run business that’s both passionate and caring, they’ve evolved with their clientele and always offered quality services, while responding to ever-changing customer needs. In order to maintain this prime spot within the market, they approached our team to help with web notoriety.

There are a lot of movers out there and its competitive. Success depended on a multi-tiered positioning strategy that would involve a website renovation, creating new content and improving organic and local SEO. Nothing was left to chance, and we applied our top skills, smarts and know-how to this campaign.


  • Traffic

    Increasing the amount of visitors on the website.

  • Conversion

    Converting more website visitors into customers.

  • Positioning

    Positioning the company within the top search results on Google.

  • Client relations

    Establishing effective communications strategies in order to provide exceptional after-sales service.

What we faced

Brault Déménagement - ancien site mobile
  • When BJMédia first started working with Brault Déménagement in 2014, the company drew few visitors to its website. It wasn’t adapted for mobile phones and tablets, plus it still used Flash technology, which doesn’t work on many devices.
  • Brault Déménagement’s competitors were ahead of them in search results. Event those who were located outside their region.
  • Their website converted practically zero visitors into clients.
  • They didn’t have a web marketing strategy.

Smart solutions we came up with

Renovating their website
and adding the following elements

  • We created a responsive website with dynamic content that adapts to all types of devices.
  • We added rich, complete content that’s useful for visitors and perceived as relevant by search engines. The website has one page for each service, an FAQ page to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions, and an ‘about us’ page that talks about the company’s history and experience.
  • We published trust-building content: customer reviews, how many years they’ve been in business, logos of professional groups they belong to, etc.
  • We built a blog that adds fresh, useful content each month to the website.
  • We designed and added a detailed form that helps accelerate the quoting process for potential Brault Déménagement clients. We also added a shorter, simpler, easy-to-spot version that can quickly be filled out, if visitors are in a rush and want a call-back.
  • We published phone numbers everywhere, in a cliquable version so it’s super simple to call at any time. This optimizes conversions.

Local and organicSEO strategy

In order to improve our clients overall ranking, we started by positioning them as movers in Laval, and later extended to Montreal, the North Shore and the Laurentides. This strategy included:

  • Website optimization techniques
  • Content marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Backlinking
  • Conversion optimization

And the results? Very convincing! 🙂

Organic traffic doubled

In less than 4 years, organic traffic to the site had doubled and the increase is constantly on the rise. For the last year alone, organic traffic drew 20% more visitors to the Brault Déménagement site.

First on Google*

When you search for a moving company in Laval, Brault Déménagement is the first company to be listed in organic results, while also being featured under the Google map. They also benefit from this same positioning for dozens of other searches in several cities.

They spend less for advertising

Brault Déménagement’s advertising budget is now practically 100% web, which means more affordable options, better tracking of ad performances and increased leads.

What does our client say?

  • Always a positive experience. Lyne St-Jacques knows her products well, and recommends the right service and expertise, every time. Thank you very much!

    Karolane Brault
    Karolane Brault Brault Déménagement

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*It’s important to note that the results mentioned in our case studies are related to organic listings. Paid advertising strategies are auction-driven and can’t be controlled in the same way. As we write these lines, Brault Déménagement has topped search results for moving companies in Laval and elsewhere, for several months. However, organic SEO is an-ongoing, ever-changing reality, and results could vary at any given moment.