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Creating a website isn’t about following a trend or copying your competition. There are meaningful, strategic reasons to have a good home address on the web. Whether they’re ready to buy, researching information or comparing your product to other available options on the market, potential, current or past customers will visit your website at different times. Everyone is online and this way, your company is always just a click or tap away. 

Here are irrefutable reasons you should create your website.


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  • Being found when people search online

search engine

Nearly 80% of pre-purchase research is conducted on the Internet (source). 

Let’s use the concept of shelf space in a store and apply it online: 

  • If your product isn’t there (you have no website), it can’t be considered by buyers.
  • If your product is not in a strategic, visible location (poorly referenced website), you may  not be seen by everyone and anyone who’s a potential customer. Thus, you lose sales.
  • On the other hand, if your product is at eye level (among the top companies listed on the search engine), your packaging stands out (title and meta descriptions do this), then you have better chances of attracting the buyer’s eye and getting them to come into your store, a.k.a your website. 


  • Positioning yourself as an expert

A good website helps you to position yourself as an expert in your industry. It also allows you to make initial contact with your potential customers before they even reach you out. Consider your site an integral part of your sales pitch. Your offer, your competitive advantages, in short, your best assets must be put forward. Your website can even establish trust between your brand and your visitors; sort of like a first impression! Without even realizing it, visitors will notice the layout and quality of your photos and information. They’ll feel comfortable if your site is easy to navigate and simple to understand. FInally, the loading speed of your website will also make a difference and help display how serious you are as a business. At the end of the day, if your website isn’t well executed, you could have a revolutionary product or outstanding service, and still lose out.


  • Generating leads

Once you’ve gained the visitor’s trust, expect them to reach out to ask more in-depth questions, evaluate their options, and more. Your website is obviously not the only way to generate leads. Word of mouth and your physical location can also help increase the number of potential customers. Since the buyer’s journey is not linear, we can bet that a person referred by an acquaintance or a friend will take the time to consult your website before even contacting a member of your team. They can then contact you by phone, via a web form, by chat or in person, depending on the channels your company offers.


  • Increasing sales

online sales

Your website can be more than a window: it can also generate sales if you have an online store! In Quebec, 78% of adults personally made one or more online purchases in 2020, an increase of +15% since 2019 (source). There’s potential, right there!  So if your product or service can be sold online, it’s worth investigating, diving in and partnering with e-commerce experts to make it happen.


  • Extending your customer service 

Having a dream team in customer service is great. Having a permanent web extension that supports your team and can answer visitor questions, without even having to intervene, is ideal! Think about it for a moment. A website that’s jam packed with relevant information, before or after the purchase, allows your prospects or customers to access anything they need. And ultimately, if they do need to speak to someone, they still have that option, too. 


  • Being available at all times 


Your website is accessible 24/7, anywhere on the planet. Your physical store or office probably can’t offer the same. 


  • Updating in real-time

This is particularly useful in a context where new information must be communicated regularly. If anything taught us the importance of adaptability and spinning on a dime, it’s the pandemic! The beauty of the web is that you can put your newest product or service online without having to reprint your new brochure: this digital asset can be edited and published in real time. Faster turn-around means more business. 


Now that we’ve got you thinking about getting your own website (or upgrading the one you have), kindly reach out. We’re friendly, helpful and truthful about what would work best for your business. With over 36 websites launched in the last 18 months, we’ve got plenty of experience. 


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