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Navigating the world of internet marketing

These days, being present on the internet and in social media is essential for businesses of all sizes, from independent contractors and start-ups to SMEs, professional services and major corporations. Having an effective, relevant internet presence will enable you to grow your sales, increase awareness of your brand and build a solid reputation through client reviews. Therefore, you must develop and invest in an internet marketing strategy as an integral part of your communication plan.
However, to create and implement this type of strategy, it isn’t enough simply to design or update a website or post content on social media. It’s a much more complex undertaking that requires numerous skills to rank your website on the first page of search engine results, improve your conversion rates and carry out paid campaigns through AdWords and Facebook, among other things.
Unlike major companies, SMEs and professional services don’t generally have large, full-service marketing departments capable of managing every aspect of an internet marketing strategy. This is where a marketing agency can help. But why exactly should you do business with an internet-marketing agency?

Various motives and scenarios

There are several reasons why a company might need a marketing agency.

New insights into your company

By performing a personalized analysis of your internet marketing activities, an agency can provide you with an objective critique of your marketing and sales strategy. Thanks to this view of your company from the outside, the agency can help you better define your needs and objectives. In this way, you’ll be able to discover new perspectives and implement effective strategies to grow your sales and increase your customer loyalty.


The team members at a marketing agency have often pursued studies in marketing, sales, graphic design and other related fields. As a result, they’re qualified and specialized in their areas of expertise. Furthermore, they’ve pursued ongoing professional training provided by internet giants, such as Google and Facebook, enabling them to remain on the cutting edge with all the latest developments in the world of web design, internet marketing, etc.

A passion for internet marketing

The experts at a web agency are passionate about their profession. Therefore, they’ll consistently consume internet-marketing-related content, including podcasts, newsletters and blog articles.

Important roles and associated platforms

The following are some of the roles the team members at a web agency play and the indispensable tools they use.

Project manager

A project manager oversees the creation or redesign of your website. With in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and the various available platforms, he or she is your main contact person. In fact, the project manager’s mission is to communicate with you to verify your objectives and request certain information in order to deliver a website that meets your expectations.


A webmaster is responsible for the structure of your website, ensuring the quality of the texts and visual elements and their proper integration on platforms such as WordPress.

Community manager

A community manager is a social media specialist. As the name implies, this is the person responsible for your posts and for managing your comments and followers on various social media.

SEO strategist

An SEO strategist is an expert in Google and natural referencing. He or she has perfectly mastered the art of keywords, Pay-Per-Click marketing, AdWords campaigns and writing that’s optimized for the internet. As a certified Google Partner, an SEO strategist is always up to date with Google’s latest developments in terms of search algorithms and referencing. As a result, you can rest assured that your advertising campaigns are always relevant, optimized and closely monitored.
Working with an agency will not only help you save time implementing your web project but will also help you increase your visibility and build your reputation quickly and effectively.

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